Changing Generational Blueprints

Therapy for Individuals, Couples, Children, and Families

Changing Generational Blueprints is a concept used to bring awareness around generational communication, rules, unspoken rules, parenting situations, parenting styles, boundaries, power, privilege, beliefs, and values by investigating if these concepts still serve a healthy purpose in our lives and then opening up opportunities for change as well as choices.

Transformation happens when we understand the current pattern of communication and concepts that have been taught to others around us and how it has been taught to us. Past concepts may have been a reflection formed from past trauma, substance use, unspoken rules, misconceptions, and then handed down through generations and then brought to current situations that may not work for us anymore. These patterns may show up in your current family, home, work, rest, or play relationships resulting in a lot of energy and time spent with anger, anxiety, stress, addiction and unhealthy thoughts; when all you really want is positive change.

Together we can investigate what works and what does not work and then you can create change by responding to different situations with an empowered personal choice with this awareness. This concept will create an effective communication pattern which in turn will create less stress, clarification, and healthier patterns that can be taught to others, sometimes without saying a word. I know this is possible because I have spent the last 17 years looking at my own family Generational Blueprints and making healthier choices that have changed many generational patterns in my family.