Changing Generational Blueprints

Therapy for Individuals, Couples, Children, and Families

DUI's are now a criminal offence, 1 drink has the potential to receive a DWAI charge. Now with the new Marijuana laws, a onetime use can potentially cost you a DUI. Laws are more extreme and DUI's are on the rise. Something needs to change in our society. What we've done in the past doesn't seem to be working. I'm hoping this book will promote informed choices for awareness to save lives and less DUI's.

In the book learn:

  • About new laws: QR tag to check your personal State and how to be safe
  • About addiction and how to support love ones
  • What business owners say about DUI’s and your job/career
  • How to talk to love ones and teens as well as make a plan
  • What DUI requirements are when charged
  • Alternative coping skills

Did you know there are some countries that will not let you visit after DUI charges?

***Hot or Dirty is slang for a positive urine analysis for drugs, alcohol or marijuana.

Interviews with: Â Retired police officer, Top Cops, CDOT, Hemp and Marijuana Grower, and promenade businesses.