Changing Generational Blueprints

Therapy for Individuals, Couples, Children, and Families

Sherri Szippl BA, MA, LMT, MFT-C,

I am a registered Psychotherapist, working towards my License in Marriage and Family Counseling as well as Certified Addiction Counselor II (CAC II). I graduated with Master’s degree at Regis University with a concentration of Marriage and Family Therapy and Certified Addiction Counselor II. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Contemplative Psychology from Naropa University with a concentration of Health and Healing as well as Somatic Psychology and a minor in Contemplative Education.

Theoretical Orientation

I am experienced in serving a diverse population with therapeutic needs such as Addictions, PTSD, Anxiety, Stress Reduction, Communication, Anger Issues, and many different life transitions. During therapy, Emotional Focused Therapy, Jungian Depth Therapy and Somatic Therapy create a holistic mind-body-awareness process for each client. The goal is to dissipate the residual effects of past trauma, unhealthy patterns and negative emotional experiences that are stored in the mind, body, and spirit. This awareness creates insight on how the body holds trauma as well as the affects it has on his/her physical, spiritual and emotional wellness.

When replacing an auto-pilot response with awareness, it creates the potential to allow new patterns to form while releasing body held trauma. The process will assist in healthier empowered life choices. Thus, breaking unhealthy cycles that may have been handed down through generations and creating healthier positive patterns to inspire future generations. Through our own positive actions we can teach others through example, sometimes without saying a word.

Additionally, I use multiple evidenced-based practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gottman Technique, and Motivational Interviewing as well as other therapies listed on the "about" page.